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Meet The Team

Eliyah Britto is the founder and lead clinician of Healing Her, LLC. Eliyah is licensed in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Eliyah received her MSW from the University of Maryland and her BSW from Bowie State University. Throughout her career, Eliyah has provided clinical services in various settings to include forensic social work, foster care, juvenile services, special education programs and outpatient therapeutic settings. 


While Eliyah has provided services in these areas, she specializes in helping individuals process and recover from tumultuous and traumatic relationships (familial, romantic, spiritual/church) and healing to become a better you for you. She is passionate about helping others heal internally in order to establish a healthy relationship with self; equipping individuals with the ability to effectively carry out healthy and meaningful external relationships. 


Eliyah is also an advocate for exercising your “no” accordingly and ceasing the need to over-explain yourself. Eliyah is excited and ready to help you jumpstart your journey to healing and unlocking the beautifully healed you. Come take the journey! 

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Our Philosophy

Healing doesn't happen overnight but it CAN happen. Sometimes, we need someone to shine a light on the areas we can't see and although hidden, these areas have a direct impact on how we show up. We are here to help shine that light. We can't promise that what the light reveals will be pretty or even feel good however, we are committed to helping you rebuild, renovate and restore one step at a time. 

Never let shame or embarrassment keep you from telling and healing from your story. Healing Her has a strict policy against judgment and you can rest assured that this is a safe space. We just have one request before your first session and that is to GRACE YOURSELF.

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