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Groups We Offer

Thank you for choosing Healing Her to help you on your journey of becoming a better YOU inside and out! We are here to help you break off the barriers that are keeping you from becoming a wholeHER. Below are the types of groups we offer along with their description. 

Healing HerSELF

Whether high or low, your presence speaks volumes. How you feel, think, act, talk to or treat yourself controls that volume. Healing yourself is an important first step of true healing and we will provide you with the tools needed to ensure you are journeying through your internal healing effectively.  


External relationships can be difficult to manage, especially when you feel unheard, unseen or unappreciated by those you do life with. Time after time, you attempt to express how you feel and problem solve in order to prevent the dissolvement of the relationship but to no avail. This group will teach you how to navigate current interpersonal relationships and heal from previously disrupted interpersonal relationships (family and friends) and lead you in identifying factors that may be keeping you in an undesired cycle of consistent conflicts and failed resolutions.


Knowingly or unknowingly, toxicity usually does its best dance when two people decide to do life with one another. When that decision gets disrupted for any reason, recovery and healing seems like the furthest possibility. No matter how much time has passed, we can be easily reminded of how a scar occurred through the most trivial things. No matter how great or small, the trigger train is never a fun ride. In this group, we will walk through the common barriers to having successful romantic relationships, identifying red and green flags, dismantling the fear of being loved again and forgiveness. 


Our relationship and perception of the Father can either ground us or paralyze us. When we have a misconception about who He is, we often misconstrue His creation and His purpose for us. When you understand who He is and why He is, there is a level of redemption and freedom that is incomparable to anything here on this earth. In this group, we will journey through the varying factors that have negatively impacted your relationship with the Father and work towards putting those pieces back together so you can experience the Father the way He intended you to.  

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Group FAQs

What is group therapy?

Group therapy consists of psychotherapy interventions being provided to more than one person at a time by a licensed therapist. ​

Do I have to be Christian to
receive services?

Do you like Chick-Fil-A? Sweetfrog? Hobby Lobby? All of these places are Christian businesses but do not limit their customers to their beliefs. Healing Her is the same way. While we will not alter our beliefs, we will also not force them on you.

Can I join more than one group at a time?

We love our client’s eagerness to heal and are here for it all. To receive the most effective outcome of each group, we recommend joining groups once at a time. Once you complete one group, you are more than welcome to join another! ​

What's the difference between an open and closed group?

An open group allows participants to come in the group on an ongoing basis and usually has no end date. A closed group is time limited (start and end date) and participants are not able to join once the group has started. This allows an increased level of confidentiality and rapport amongst the participants. Healing Her facilitates closed groups. 

I have an individual counselor, can I still join a group?

What's the time commitment? 

Our groups typically run for 6-12 weeks, meeting once a week. 

The amazing thing about group therapy is that you do not have to choose between the two. Since individual therapy focuses on you and group therapy focuses on multiple individuals, you can strengthen your individual skills in the group setting while still having a place to process your needs individually. Group therapy offers you a safe space to feel seen and to know that you are not alone. In group therapy, you will be able to hear stories that relate to yours and share tools and skills that helped you overcome while receiving effective navigation from a licensed professional. 

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