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Welcome to Healing Her

Are you ready to take the journey?

About Healing Her

Healing Her, LLC was created to provide a safe and therapeutic space for you to heal. At Healing Her, we believe that healing starts within. Even though the wounded pieces of us may have occurred from external factors, our relationship with self is often greatly impacted by those experiences. As a result, those wounds become behaviors which either moves us forward, sets us back or keeps us stuck. Our mission is to help you process those wounds effectively and provide impactful coping tools so you can lead a life you love and enjoy. Through therapy, workshops, prayer and more, Healing Her will challenge you to push yourself past the limits you placed on yourself or, allowed others to place on you. The journey won’t always be easy however, it is always worth it. When you tap into the root of the most uncomfortable places of your story, you will identify the best path forward and ultimately, unlock all of the possibilities you once dreamed of with a HEALED you. Healing is a journey and we will take it together. Are you ready?

Healing is a journey. Grace yourself.

What we offer!

Group Therapy

Christian based 

Individual Therapy 


Familial Support 

Speaking Engagements

Take a breath then, take a step.


"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds."

Psalms 147:3

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